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Informational service

2014-06-23 11:44

In order to implement the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic of Uzbekistan on September 22, 2006 Number 203 in the central office "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" by order of 12.10.2006, number 19 was created an information service, and then 23.07.2012, there were made amendmendts  and additions in the first appendix.

In the first appendix of this order was determined the composition of Information Service.

1) R.U.Hamidbekov - Chairman of the Information Service

2) M.M.Mirkomilov - Deputy Chairman of the Information Service

3) H.I.Ahmadzhonov - Member of the Information Service

4) N.H.Mahmudov - Member of the Information Service



Regulations on Information Service of the Association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest"



I. General provisions

1. Information service of Association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" is created at the central office.

2. The Service is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbek laws, regulations, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of Oliy Majlis, regulations of the Association and these Provisions.

3. Service carries out its activities in close cooperation with regional and structural units of the Association.

 II. The main tasks of the Service

4. The following are the main tasks of the Service:

- participation in the formation and implementation of information policies determined by the Association;

- ensure publication in the media of legal acts in the sphere of activities of the Association;

- coverage in the national and international media of  relevant features of activities at Association, questions concerning implementation of the  the state policy in the relevant field;

- creation of Web resources of the Association in Internet, ensuring their efficient operation;

- analysis of public opinion in respect of the Association, analyzing the relationship of national and foreign media and communicating it  to the management of the Association.


III. Functions of the Service

5. The following are the main functions of the Service:

- collecting and processing the information necessary for the effective implementation of tasks entrusted to the service;

- preparation and distribution of information to mass media;

- publication of materials on the activities of the Association in various publications, organization of TV and radio programs ,  implementation of state policy in the relevant field;

 - Organization of meetings of management and employees of the Association with mass media;

6.    Service within its competence considers appeals and orders of mass media to assist in the preparation of materials for the coverage of Association's activities.


IV. Rights of the Service

7.  In the performance of assigned tasks the Service may:

-  request in the prescribed manner from other offices of the Association and subordinate organizations of information necessary to perform its tasks and functions;

-  participate in sessions, meetings and other activities of the Association;

 - Cooperating in the prescribed manner with the information services of other departments;

-  right of representation on behalf of the Association on behalf of management in other public bodies, the activities of national and international importance;

  • publication of written publications within its authority ;
  • submitting for consideration of proposals to improve the management of information policy of the association, drafts of  regulations for the operation of the service.


V. Organization of service activities.

8. Information service of Association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" is personally responsible for the performance of the tasks defined inthese Provisions.

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