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2014-06-23 14:44

Report on the state of the first quarter of 2014 on the implementation and development of ICT in the association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" territorial and wholesale trade bases


Based on the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 3, 2014 Number PP-2158 "On measures for implementation of information and communication technologies in the real sector of economy" and letters from the State Committeethe Industry schedule, plan - schedule and they were directed to the State Committee of Communications for approval.

Association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" for the implementation and development of ICT, data storage and processing, has developed a  special project. There are conducted works of the  information system "Hisobot" in order to control the process of computerization of territorial trade bases.

In the first half of 2014 it is scheduled to launch an information system.

In order to implement the resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on March 21, 2012 № PP-1730 "On measures for further implementation and development of modern information and communication technologies", on June 27, 2013 № PP-1989 "On measures for further development of the national information and communication system of the Republic of Uzbekistan " the association" Uzulgurjisavdoinvest "conduct all the necessary works.

In addition, with the State Communications Committee has been agreed the project "Strategy of development of information and communication technologies in the association" Uzulgurjisavdoinvest "for 2014-2020" and it was adopted by the chairman of the Association. This project was directed to to wholesale trading territorial bases as an example.

In order to implement the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 31 December 2013 № 355 "On measures to implement the system assessment of the development of information and communication technologies in the Republic of Uzbekistan" on the basis of the new criteria for evaluating web site, the  association "Uzulgurjisavdoinvest" made a number of changes. There was adopted the order dated January 7, 2014 № 5.  In order to fulfill this Order the requirements   to the Web site have been reviewed and there had been placed information in Uzbek, Russian and English languages, the new data is entered into the website "". On the web site of the Association there had been made a number of changes, including the virtual blackboard , feedback, mobile system (for users of mobile communications), applications of citizens, jobs, contract filling in an electronic form.



As you know, at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the results of 2013 the President islam Abduganiyevich Karimov  said in his speech:  "We still are in the thrall of the old stereotype of thinking, still persist the methods of wicked old planning and distribution system. There still exists deeply rooted misconception, that the survival in a competitive environment can be achieved through tax incentives and protectionist measures. I think now is the time not to engage in explanations and clarifications on these issues, and more actively get rid of those leaders who obviously does not want or can not abandon old stereotypes and management practices, and, primarily, rely on trained, modern-minded managers. "

We should deeply analyze these words. Because who can guarantee that the Government will always allocate us flour, vegetable oil and sugar? Therefore, we must pay special attention to the development of commerce.

The average salary of employees compared with 2012 increased by 101 soms and amounts 373 thousand sums or 4.4 times ща the minimum wage.

In accordance with the decisions taken in the framework of food and non-food programs of the Republic in order to increase the competitive and export-oriented production and replenishment of domestic markets by them, there are created various preferences and convenience for small businesses. The President in his report paid special attention to the issue of entrepreneurial support and noted that, “We have to more and more pay attention to further shortening, simplifying and cheapening of different licensing procedures for the organization and business activities, as well as prevention and elimination of unnecessary bureaucratic barriers to entrepreneurship.”. This means that for entrepreneurs there will be created great opportunities, reduced interference in their activities. We need to effectively use the provisions of our President.

In order to create in territory of the Republic of small shops for the replenishment of the internal market with food and non-food products, processing of agricultural products , modernization  of refrigeration capacities and creation of new jobs, there  were generalized the  plans of territorial wholesale trade bases in 2013 and approved a set of activities of the Association, which was sent to the administration and for its execution in place.

According to this program of the Association in the past year in workshops, established under territorial bases there were produced goods worth 7.4 billion soums or 34 per cent more food products than in 2012, of which 6831 tons of bread. In addition, the joint venture OOO "PSM GROUP" produced shoes, polypropylene bags, soaps nearly worth 5.5 billion soums .

However, here it must be emphasized that in some places not enough attention is paid  to the issues of food production in the workshops created at enterprises of the system to increase their volume and quality. Please, pay special attention to this issue.

In the reporting period in accordance with order of the Cabinet of Ministers on April 7, 2011 number 105 and minutes of 21 December 2012 concerning refrigeration capacities from the distribution centers of the Association instead of the planned 23 projects, for 17 950 tonnes there were implemented 25 projects to 440 tons, the plan is executed on 125 percent, including the fact that 4,500 tons of objects are new construction, 9,840 tons and 8,100 tons - are reconstructed refrigerated containers due to modernization.

Additional objects: by LLC "Ulug Jamshid" 550 tons, "Andijan gush-sut savdo" - 2000 tons, "Surhondare oziq-ovqat mollari" - 2500 tons and LLC "Kirguli savdo" 500 tons of bulk containers were put to use.

This year it would be advisable to set up at the existing databases modern mini shops, specialized on processing of agricultural products. Therefore, this year special attention is paid to food production. On places according to the program until the end of the year is scheduled organization of 24 grocery, and 6 non-food shops . We must increase amount of such  shops, be committed to innovation, and it is required to proceed to perform such tasks right now. If you organize production at a proper level, the company will have an additional source of income.

Based on the priority directions  of economic program defined by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2014, I think, at territorial wholesale trade bases it is necessary  to give a special attention the following major issues:

- mobilization of available resources and possibilities to continue the strategy to ensure high rates of economic growth;

- timely launch of the planned high-tech new facilities, as well as reconstructed and modernized facilities, increase investment and improve the process;

- improving the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises by improving their commervial activities;

- the formation of a team of business environment, efficient use of comprehensive measures to support small business and entrepreneurship;

- employed on missions for the Government to ensure the creation of new jobs and employment;

- planning their own activities under the program "Year of a healthy baby" and ensure their implementation.

For these objectives:

1. to maintain economic stability in the country, the organization of uninterrupted provision of population with socially significant goods and other essential foodstuffs;

2. ensuring the continued availability in warehouses and retail networks of a wide assortment of products;

3. introduction into practice purchasing from local producers of goods on a contractual basis;

4.  Development of production of additional consumer goods;

5. According to the current mechanism  of delivery of major types of foodstuff, in agreement with local Hokimiyats , expanding the network of branded shops and organization of delivery of goods to consumers through a network of retail stores;

6. Relevant work in order to improve the culture of trade, that is organization of the study of trade rules;

7. Strengthening the supervisory and executive discipline, providing quality, accurate and complete execution of documents received;

8. According to the program for 2014, the full implementation of the tasks of reconstruction and modernization of material and technical base, the establishment of intensive orchards, cattle, poultry and fisheries, creating new jobs;

9. Based on the order of the Cabinet of Ministers, improving cooperation with colleges on the part of  assigned to this bases in the Republic of Karkalpakstan, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Fergana, Jizzakh and Navoi regions, organization of manufacturing practices for graduates sent to work in the enterprise sector, assistance in employment, as well strenthening of material technical base at colleges, unconditional fulfillment of orders in this regard;

10. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the appointment of senior officials  in the territorial wholesale trade bases for the implementation and development of ICT, providing timely and quality information to the Association through established  system  "Hisobot" .


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