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The outcomes of the year 2014 for the Association “Uzulgurjisavdoinvest” and their analysis

2015-03-19 16:05

The outcomes of the year 2014 for the Association “Uzulgurjisavdoinvest” and their analysis

1. Based on the contract-agreement of “Mutual cooperation and obligations of the parties”, 5o wholesale trade bases and enterprises have been functioning under the Association by the date January 1, 2014.

During the reporting period 1 wholesale base of Namangan region “Oziq-ovqat istemol mollari” LLC have been accepted for membership to the Association.

During the reporting period, “Sirdaryogushtsutsavdo” LLC from Sirdaryo region has been dismissed from membership due to the failure to comply with the decree PQ-1514 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, several orders of the government, also, mutual cooperation and obligations of parties.

In order to satisfy demands of the population for socially important food products, wholesale bases have established 89 outlet shops based on contract during the reporting period, and their number comprised 3019. Based on the 3922 contracts made to purchase products between regional wholesale trade bases and production companies, products worth 675 billion sums have been purchased by the bases during the reporting period.

Products with the cost of 771 billion sums, including products worth 208 billion sums for the population living in mountainous areas with difficult access, have been delivered to consumers.

During the reporting period, 247 000 tons of flour, 94.700 tons of vegetable oil have been purchased through stock sales from the state resources allotted to the regional wholesale trade bases, and have been sold to the consumers based on the confirmed dislocation of local governments.

Besides, 29.000 tons of sugar, 3.500 tons of rice, 220 tons of soap and other important food products have been delivered to customers.

It should be specially pointed out that 78% of the products have been delivered to customers in a centralized way on rented and the own vehicles of the bases.

2. The Association is carrying out a wide range of activities for the supply of the population.

Here it should be specially stressed out that one of the tasks assigned to the Association for the second half of the year to store 70 000 tons of agricultural products to provide an uninterrupted supply of the population with fruit and vegetable products during the winter-spring season of 2014-2015 and stabilize market prices in domestic markets; the measures will be taken to deliver products regularly to the domestic markets according to schedule in cooperation with regional governments, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Korakalpoghiston and the local government of the city of Tashkent.

On December 1, present year, in total 70 000 tons of agricultural products including 17000 tons of potatoes, 16.200 tons of onions, 15.600 tons of vegetables, 11000 tons of fruits, 10100 tons of rice and pulses, 422 tons of meat.

3. To provide the execution of the order N105 of the Cabinet of Ministers from April 7, 2011, on “Measures to develop and consolidate material-technical base of storing fruits and vegetables for the years 2011-2015”, approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the summary 18 (01-03/1-55) from January 31, 2014, it is planned to set going 13100 tons of refrigeration capacities through new construction, reconstruction and modernization by the regional wholesale trade bases under the Association “Uzulgurjisavdoinvest”.

During the reporting period, 8100 tons of refrigeration capacities have been set going by 8 project initiators.

Including, 1000 tons of refrigeration capacities have been reconstructed by “Andijobgushtsutsavdo” LLC; 500 tons of capacities by “Ulgurjichakanasavdoinvest”; 500 tons by “Korakalpoqgushtsutsavdo” OSC; 2500 tons by “Surkhondaryo oziq-ovqat mollari” LLC, 1300 tons by “Chirchiq gusht-sut savdo” LLC; “Namanganoziqovqatagroexport”, “Safosavdoinvest” and “Bekobodgushtsutsavdo” each1000 tons; “RTPF Tijorat”LLC – 300 tons, “Chimyonbarakasavdoservis” and “Hazorasp Turon” each has constructed 1000 tons of capacities; 2000 tons of capacities have been modernized by “Bukhoro gusht-sut savdo” OSC and “Farghona gusht-sut savdo” OSC.

For these purposes, 7862 million sums have been spent from the own capital of initiators of projects and bank credits.

Reports will be presented to the monitoring group (the Ministry of Economy) by 5th of each month.

A regular monitoring is held to supervise the execution of the fulfillment of activities to complete tasks assigned by the Complex measures of the Association planned for the year 2014, approved on January 28, 2014. During the reporting period, the followings have been carried out by the Association “Uzulgurjisavdoinvest”:

-4 companies have launched factories producing loaf bread and bakery products;

-2 companies have launched factories producing macaroni products;

-4 companies have launched factories producing sweets and pastry products;

- 9 cattle husbandry farms are being established (for milk and meat) and currently 167 cattle and 165 sheep are fattened;

-2 companies have established functioning total of 150 bee-breeding farms;

-50000 poultry is fattened;

- companies have established fish-breeding farms in 15.4 hectares of ponds;

- 7 factories to reproduce food and non-food products;

-75 service providing entities have been established by 18 project initiators;

Agricultural products have been cultivated in 253 hectares of lands (intensive fruit gardens, vineyards, potatoes, onions and others).

To fulfill the tasks assigned by the Program for Complex measures the wholesale trade bases have spent 17 billion 900 million sums. However, banking organizations have allotted only 3 billion 290 million sums out of 9 billion 610 million sums (35%) of the credit expected.


Besides these, joint stock companies established under the company “PSM GROUP” have produced products worth 16.2 billion sums including 173 tons of floured sweets worth 650 million sums by “NUCCI” LLC, 4.8 million polypropylene bags and 5.5 million meters of polyethylene worth 12 billion sums by “MESON Plast” and 10.6 million scented soap worth 3.1 billion sums by “Angelin Cosmetics” have been produced.

4. In the exhibition hall of “The Center for Exhibition-Trade of Consumer Goods” CSC several exhibition-fairs have been held with the help of the government of Tashkent city, including “Innovation projects and technologies regional exhibition” on March 28-29, 2014, “Bank Expo 2014” on April 9, “Body building” competitions on April 23-26,  “Leather, shoes, clothes and accessories” on May 14-16, “Tashkent region regional industrial fair and Cooperative Stock” on May 30-31, “Tashkent city regional industrial fair and Cooperative Stock” on June 4-5, “ICTEXPO-2014” on September 24-25 with the help of “UzACI”; “Appliances and small business production” on October 20-24, “Gardening, Farming, Bee-breeding” on November 16-18 with the help of “Expocontact” LLC.

5. On the tasks assigned by the summary of the special meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers from December 3, 2014, in “Shirin” and “Aviasozlar” agricultural markets of the city of Tashkent registered with the Association, new pavilions have been built each situated in 15 meters of areas in agreement with the market administration.

The pavilions have been decorated for the holidays and starting from December 15, sales of new and additional wide ranges of fresh fruits, vegetables, canned food, rice, pulses, macaroni, sugar, sweets, meat, poultry products, vegetable oil, butter, margarine and other products have been started.

Moreover, in the territory of the “Uzkurgazmasavdo” building in the city of Tashkent the regional wholesale bases of the Association have organized fair sales of stored potatoes, onions, carrots, fruits, rice and other agricultural products starting from December 15 on new pavilions stretching to almost 100 meters.

From the beginning of fairs, to the population of the city of Tashkent these three fairs have sold food and agricultural products of more than 100 types worth 150 million sums in 20-30% lower prices, including potatoes, rice, meat, fish, various vegetables and fruits, eggs and others. In order to provide consistent delivery of products to the markets, almost 1000 tons of stored products such as 250 tons of rice, 150 tons of onions, 190 tons of fruits and vegetables, 50 tons of rice and others products in total comprising 2 billion sums have been reserved.

All regional bases in agreement with local governments have organized holiday trade fairs in agricultural markets of large cities and town centers of regions and the Republic of Korakalpoghiston with a wide range of food and agricultural products through more than thirty trade branches decorated for holidays.

During the elections and during the eve of New Year holiday responsible executives of the Association will organize 24 hours control duties to take measures so that no breaks will occur in the supply of the population with food and agricultural products.

6. In accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers, from planned employment offers for 1987 graduates of 6 professional colleges, the plan has been fully completed.

The total number of employed graduates comprised 1868. The remaining 118 graduates are in the list of graduated who will not be offered employment (those who entered higher educational organizations, those who migrated to foreign countries, those who could not defend their diplomas, those who went to abroad to work, by one’s own desire and other reasons).

On the agenda of the meeting of the Central Board, summary 56 of the Cabinet of Ministers Headship meeting from October 20, 2014 on “the summary of execution discipline in ministries, organizations and economic unions during the 3rd quarter of 2014” and tasks 01-03/09-02 assigned on October 16 have been included.

During the meeting, the issue of providing execution of decrees, orders and tasks of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the government of the Republic has been discussed. On the meeting also, instructions have been given on improving paperwork methods, consolidating execution discipline, fix the shortcomings discovered in these issues, critically studying the condition of execution discipline in regional wholesale trade bases, analyzing activities carried out, taking necessary measures on the condition of execution, presenting reports as required and in timely manner; a meeting summary N4 has been adopted and delivered to the regarding places for execution.

6.On the basis of the decree PQ-2133 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on “the State Program for the Year of Healthy Child” from February 19, 2014, also, in accordance with the Measures assigned by the system Program on “the Year of Healthy Child” of the Association “Uzulgurjisavdoinvest”, wholesale trade bases and companies under the system have allotted 1757,2 million sums of sponsorship help, including 680.5 million sums to the Fund for “Development of Children’s Sports”, 334.5 million sums for the construction of “Bolalar Dunyosi” trade center building in the city of Nukus as a material help, 70.4 million sums as one-day salary to the “Mahalla” Fund for the public charity hashar (voluntary cleen-up) taking place before the holidays of the Independence day and Navruz, and 671.8 million sums to other organizations.

Also, during the “President’s Evergreen Tree” and other events on the eve of the New Year, presents of 132.6 million sums have been given.


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